MonthJune 2019

Youth Mortgage Comparison

By comparing the mortgages for young people, you can choose a mortgage where you will not pay anything extra to the bank. Most banks provide state-subsidized mortgages in Slovakia. However, each has different conditions. The basis for quality comparison is offered from all banks. See a specific example in which I compare the mortgage for young people.

Every comparison of mortgages for young people is individual

Every comparison of mortgages for young people is individual

No comparison of mortgages for young people can be generalized to apply to every person. Banks take into account multiple parameters for each applicant.

The parameters such as age, employment, income level, education, marital status, loan amount, property value, real estate location, existing liabilities (loan repayments, guarantees, etc.) and in some cases also many little things.

In several banks on the final terms on a mortgage for young people, approved exceptions are also decisive for you to apply if you have them through whom.

What does a particular comparison of mortgages look like to young people?

What does a particular comparison of mortgages look like to young people?

This is a simple comparison of the mortgages for young people. I did last month for a particular client. This includes the purchase of real estate in Bratislava and 100% mortgage financing.

In this case, VUB wins, which, among other things, provides a mortgage benefit of -1% not only to 50,000 €, but to 70% of the value of the property. It’s a bit of a rarity on the market, along with one’s bank that’s set up similarly. Even without that, it would work quite well.

A completely different situation would be 90% or less. It is very likely that the order of the banks would look completely different.

Which banks do not provide a mortgage for young people

Which banks do not provide a mortgage for young people

All mortgage banks do not provide mortgage for young people in Slovakia. You will find them unnecessarily in mBank, Oberbank and Poštová banka. They do not have a mortgage for young people, so you can leave them out of the mortgage comparison.

How to choose a mortgage for young people

Simplicity is in place. First and foremost, it is essential for the bank to pay as little as possible for interest and accompanying fees. Also essential are the conditions for obtaining the interest offered.

Most people choose to mortgage bank accordingly. And I agree with this attitude. If you have to pay a mortgage for several decades, the difference of € 20 a month will do a lot.

With financially similar or similar offers, details are already decisive, often very important, such as the availability of branches, the network of vending machines, employee access and extra bank services.

Whatever criteria you choose, the procedure for choosing the right mortgage for young people can be summarized in three points:

  • bidding from all banks
  • bid comparison and evaluation
  • selection according to selected criteria.

If you have already found your future real estate and are already at this stage in your mortgage, you have a large piece of robots behind you.

If you have a choice of mortgage for young people ahead of you and you want to make sure that you choose the really best, you can reach a financial intermediary.

It will help you to develop offers, compare youth mortgages and choose according to your criteria. In addition, it can provide you with extra exceptions to save even more on a youth mortgage.

For more information and to choose the right product to save or invest, contact your financial intermediary.


Car Insurance – How To Choose

We all know several people who have had a bad experience with their car insurance. Until the time of the accident there is usually no major contact with the insurance company. However, as soon as we need the insurer we come across various problems.

To assist you in the process of choosing your car insurance and after consulting our tips for choosing your car insurance, we suggest a few steps:


Search for All Information

Search for All Information

In a market economy, there are several alternatives at your disposal for your car insurance. You should be aware of what is happening in the market and seek to consult the information on the Internet. There are numerous websites with useful information to help you decide.


Search for Alternatives to Your Car Insurance

Search for Alternatives to Your Car Insurance

There are a number of insurers operating in the market, from typical insurers to insurers that have a presence on the internet, such as M Seguro (note that in this case, although they seem to be cheaper, it may happen that short- ). To help you in this context there are several comparators on the internet. There are also non-exclusive insurance brokers or mediators who do a great job and allow significant savings.


Find out about the Insurer’s Reputation

Find out about the Insurer

Most insurance institutions are credible and operate according to market rules. All companies are regulated by the Insurance Institute of Portugal. Despite this reality, there are more agile insurers in the settlement of our claims. Others, however, delay the response and find several arguments for not paying what is owed to us.


Assess the Need for Additional Coverages in Your Auto Insurance

Assess the Need for Additional Coverages in Your Auto Insurance

Your insurance policy may contain only the coverage required by law. The driver can opt for several additional coverages, such as isolated glass breakage, legal support, replacement car, among many others. When comparing prices, make sure you compare products with the same coverage … and evaluate if you need them all!

Some suggestions that help you in the process of choosing your insurer and the best insurance that we hope will allow you to avoid some hassles and, right now, save some money at the end of the month.