Loans without verification transfer

Loans without verification transfer

You don’t have funds on your bank account? Nothing lost. See what loans are without a verification transfer.

There is no doubt that customer service processes present in the reality that surrounds us are the result of the search for solutions that are increasingly convenient for consumers. Simplicity, speed of service and availability of online solutions are the main determinants of a service system that would have a chance of succeeding in the ongoing race for customer satisfaction. Online loans without verification is the next stage in the development of the loan market, which aims to make the services offered by the sector even more accessible to those seeking an easy method of borrowing funds.


Online loans without verification – why such a possibility?

Online loans without verification - why such a possibility?

To fully understand the issues related to the subject of the loan granted without verification in the form of an initiating transfer, it is worth mentioning the reason for using such a transfer. By introducing the option of online loans to their offer, loan companies asked their clients who started using the services of a given company to make a transfer with the lowest possible denomination (penny or USD). The purpose was to verify personal data and confirm the bank account number, which will be credited with the loan amount if the loan application is accepted.

At the heart of this solution is concern for customer safety and minimizing the risk of fraud or the use of other people’s data through fraudsters. In practice, this solution boils down to checking the compliance of the client’s personal data provided in the transfer with the content of the completed application for so-called “online payday loan”


Non-bank loans without verification – a remedy for the disadvantages of a verification transfer?

Non-bank loans without verification - a remedy for the disadvantages of a verification transfer?

Inconveniences related to the possibility of taking out a loan with a verification transfer are:

  • The need to have any funds on your account,
  • Existence of dishonest players involved in extorting money from customers under the guise of a verification transfer by requiring a transfer value significantly higher than a penny or USD (e.g. $9),
  • The likelihood that the entity requesting the verification transfer does not run a business of granting loans, but, based on the ignorance of funding sources, provides an account number that does not belong to the loan company but to the fraudsters.


Payday loans without transferring a penny – new possibilities

Payday loans without transferring a penny - new possibilities

To meet the expectations of customers interested in using an online loan without verification, applications such as Instantor, PontoConnect or Gross Credit have been created. To take advantage of the possibility of using the source of financing, which is non-bank loans without verification, we should make sure that the bank in which we have a personal account is on the list of entities cooperating with these applications.

These tools gain access to personal data assigned to a given bank account when the user logs into the system. In an automated way, this data is downloaded and sent to the loan service. Sensitive data, such as account status, loans or passwords, are not put at risk.

The undoubted advantage of this solution is the possibility to use the services of a loan company in a situation where money obtained through online loan without verification is needed suddenly. The fact that there is currently no funds on the account does not close the customer’s path to obtaining money from the loan.


Payday loans without BIK without transferring a penny – an overview of available offers

Payday loans without BIK without transferring a penny - an overview of available offers

There are several applications available on the Polish market that allow you to take an online loan without verification, for example the PontoConnect application is an interesting offer. The operation of this tool boils down to logging into a bank account using an encrypted connection to perform an automated customer verification process, during which this application retrieves basic personal and contact details without downloading the account history.

The Instantor application has a slightly different operation, which, in addition to the necessary data such as name, surname and address of the client, prepares a statement based on the history of financial operations carried out under the given account. This makes it possible to obtain data on the financial condition of the loan applicant, which is the starting point for analyzing the customer’s credit risk. Full automation of the solution used allows maximum reduction of the time needed to issue a loan decision.

The Gross Credit application is similar in its operation to the technologies presented above. Similarly to previous applications, it retrieves basic customer information after logging into the electronic banking system.


Online loans without verification – customer safety

Online loans without verification - customer safety

Possible concerns related to the use of such important data as a password and login, which are assigned to a personal account, seem to be a rational way of thinking about the protection of sensitive information. The operation of the described applications protects the client’s data by using an encrypted connection. What’s more, the information provided is for loan companies only to conduct a risk analysis and to streamline the process of checking the identity of those interested in payday loans. An additional security that is directly impacted by application users is the recommendation to use a private (home) network and a computer or mobile device protected by anti-virus programs. As you can see, using innovative solutions in the area of ​​the loan market can save both companies operating on the market and their clients a lot of time.


Loans without a penny – what to look for?

Loans without a penny - what to look for?

Are you determined to take out an installment loan or payday loan? The first step is to find the right, trusted non-bank company. What to look for if you’re interested in a loan online without paying a penny? Many loan companies offer identity verification via special Blue Media or PontoConnect applications. The loan without transferring one penny is dedicated in particular to persons who do not have a dollar on their account. Thanks to the aforementioned applications, non-bank companies have the option of previewing the customer’s personal data and verifying their authenticity, comparing it to the data filled in in the registration form or loan application received by the borrower. These applications are very easy to install and use. Before choosing a lender, we will find out whether he has the option to verify in his offer without having to transfer one penny to the lender’s bank account.

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